Kris Latham


Kris Latham


Kris’s amazing childhood enabled her to be exposed to animals from an early age- Living in Africa, Colombia, several States in America and Coast to Coast in our Beautiful country of Canada. She was always surrounded by animals and managed to bring some of them home. Her first Horse was rescued in Newfoundland at the age of 12!!

With a Diploma from Guelph University in Horticulture Design , Environmental Resource Studies at Trent University and a Master Organic Gardener Seal she combined her love of the outdoors and nature to start her own Landscaping business in 1998 (which is still going strong today!)

Her love of animals is endless and in 2016 Second Chance Cheekye Ranch was born . She manages all aspects of the Non-Profit Organization along with 4 incredible Board Members and some of the most dedicated volunteers she has ever met.

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for questions regarding land use, our horses and animals, and Second Chance Cheekye Ranch.

Kris leads by example at the ranch and her hard working and generous nature inspires trust and friendship in everyone she meets. Her particular joy is in seeing children’s delight with the animals at the ranch and being able to help people connect to the wonderful natural environment that the ranch has to offer.

In today’s world of high paced technological living. Kris sees the powerful, healing benefits of the animals and the serenity of the Ranch and cherishes the special space of Cheekye Ranch and opens those possibilities to like minded individuals.

“I had my wedding in July 2017 at the ranch. They made it the most spectacular day! It is a beautiful space. The view of the mountains to the river roaring. All 200 guests really enjoyed the ranch, and have been talking about it ever since."

Jordie Coe
Jordie CoeBride

“We found everything we were looking for at Cheekye Ranch nestled in the mountains, surrounded by such beauty! Our friends and family pitched tents and parked RVs and just had a wonderful time with us for the weekend. I am so thankful to Kris, Greg and Amy for their kindness and support leading up to and through our wedding day. Just a lovely spot that will always have a warm place in our hearts.”

Meagan Katrina
Meagan KatrinaBride

“What a perfect venue for horse shows and events! What a lovely place!”

Jeannie Bardach
Jeannie BardachCustomer