Satori Clarke


Satori Clarke

Equestrian Facilities Manager

Satori spent years interacting with horses before she got to ride, and didn’t miss any chance she had to be near them and learn everything she could. She was a dedicated student, helping with the care and training of her instructor’s horses well beyond the time she spent in dressage and jumper lessons. Her first horse was gifted to her because of all her hard work, he was green and had never been ridden, so she quickly learned the ins-and-outs of breaking a horse in and developing a working relationship with him.

After 8 years out of the horse world, she has returned through volunteer work at Cheekye Ranch, where working with and training rescued horses is a dream come true. She believes the bond we create with a horse comes from horsemanship techniques in groundwork, and knows the power of that bond; it has been one of the most therapeutic and fulfilling experiences in her life. She is excited to share from her years of experience and continue to grow with her students as we learn from the horses.

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She will draw on her education and experiences from an undergraduate degree focused on neuropsychology, and training in breath and movement therapy to cultivate a connection to self and our surroundings. Tuning into ourselves is a critical component of tuning into another being, the horse, and being able to change the way we communicate with the horse through our body language.

We couldn’t be happier to have Satori part of the Cheekye Ranch Crew as she now resides and cares for the horses at the Ranch.


“I had my wedding in July 2017 at the ranch. They made it the most spectacular day! It is a beautiful space. The view of the mountains to the river roaring. All 200 guests really enjoyed the ranch, and have been talking about it ever since."

Jordie Coe
Jordie CoeBride

“We found everything we were looking for at Cheekye Ranch nestled in the mountains, surrounded by such beauty! Our friends and family pitched tents and parked RVs and just had a wonderful time with us for the weekend. I am so thankful to Kris, Greg and Amy for their kindness and support leading up to and through our wedding day. Just a lovely spot that will always have a warm place in our hearts.”

Meagan Katrina
Meagan KatrinaBride

“What a perfect venue for horse shows and events! What a lovely place!”

Jeannie Bardach
Jeannie BardachCustomer