Our Animals


  • Age: 03/06/11

  • The Worlds Best Donkey

  • Color: Brown, white, grey

  • Personality: Colourful & loving

Cheeks and her Mother Momma SAN were rescued in Pemberton after heavy flooding hit in 2001 and they were abandoned for over a year to fend for themselves. Sadly we lost Cheek’s Mother in 2014, but Cheeks is the ambassador at the Ranch and always has something to say for a carrot!

Babe, Mabel, Harriot, and Rykie

  • Age: 3-6 years

  • Our resident drove of pigs

  • Breed: Pot Belly

  • All 4 rescued by SCCR

Babe and Mable are sisters and they hooked a ride down with 3 of SCCR’s first rescues in October 2015. Harriot also got a ride with a rescue horse from the Interior in 2018. Rykie is a new addition to the Ranch, coming from a SPCA recovery. Now she is enjoying the freedoms of the outdoors while getting pampered in the house at night. She will be introduced to outdoor living full time with her fellow hooved friends this spring and summer.

Peeka, Max, & Chevy

  • Ages: 6 months – 12 years

  • The Cheekye Ranch dog pack

  • Personalities: loving, protecting, and playful.

Gizmo – Border Collie

Peeka –  Beagle Jack Russel x adopted from Taiwan in 2008

Max –  Czechoslovakian Australian Shepherd

Chevy – Border Collie x Australian Shepherd