Constellation Festival


Camp under starry night sky after a day of incredible music!


Learn more about the Squamish Constellation Festival! 


Our large camping area is suited for tents and RV’s. Wake up to the sounds of the Cheakamus River and song birds while you prepare for the shuttle to take you to the music festival grounds. Enjoy some wind down time when the shuttle returns you to the campground for an enjoyable sleep under the starry skies.

Each campsite can accommodate 4 people and our VIP sites allow for 1 vehicle to be parked next to your tent/RV. Looking for more space for a group? Book one of our GROUP CAMPSITES which can accommodate 6-18 people in a secluded site.

RV sites are un serviced so please ensure you have enough water onboard and respect others nearby should you need generator service. Pump outs can be arranged with our local septic provider if needed during your stay.

Wristbands for the shuttle/camping pass will be issued on arrival along with directions to your pre purchased campsite or RV spot.

Facilities are limited, portable toilets and potable water will be available.

When you “book now’ you will be streamlined to our booking site for site information, policies, and procedures.

We look forward to hosting you here at the Ranch for an incredible weekend of music and arts!


*Shuttles are included in the price of the ticket and will run all day.

Weekend General Camping (maximum 4 ppl ) Area Highlighted in yellow

  • $129.00CA/per person ( FRI/SAT/SUN Festival-Style Camping)
  • First come first served basis
  • no vehicle parking
  • Allows camping for all 3 days

Weekend VIP Camping (RESERVE SITES) (Max 4 ppl)  

  • $169.00CA/per person (FRI/SAT/SUN)
  • Reserve your Site number shown on map (#1-15, #27-#46)
  • Includes parking for one vehicle.
  • Allows camping  for all 3 days


  • $149.00CA/per person (FRI/SAT/SUN)
  • these are non-serviced sites and RV’s will be parked on a first come basis
  • Reserve your preferred location RV-1, RV-2, or RV-3 areas shown on map.
  • Allows camping for all 3 days


  • come one day early and add $25CA/per person (THURS) to your weekend package when you book.

Group Camping (sites G1, G2 & G3)

  • G1 & G2 can accommodate  2 -24ft RV`s and 1 vehicle
  • Group Site #1 $200.00 plus $129.00 per person charge max.18 people
  • Group Site #2 $175.00 plus $129.00 per person max.12 people
  • Group Site #3 $129.00 plus $129.00 per person max. 6 people

Glamping Add-On to any of our Camping Sites (except RV)

Wild Havens canvas bell tents are comfy and cozy spaces which have been kitted out with love and affection. They offer the perfect retreat for you and your friends, an opportunity to sleep under the stars and to be at one with nature, without all the hard work. Your tent will be setup and ready to go when you arrive and we will take it all away again after. All you have to do is unzip the tent and move in. We include luxury air mattress, sheets, duvets, linens, pillows, LED lights and lamp, table and mirror.
Medium Boomer Bell Tent $410.00CA

This tent has a 4 meter footprint and can be setup in the following configurations:

  • One queen bed
  • Two twin beds
  • One queen and one twin bed (tight for space)

Large Boomer Bell Tent $515.00CA
This tent has a 5 meter footprint and can be setup in the following configurations:

  • Two queen beds
  • One queen and two twin beds
  • Four twin beds
Extra Large Boomer Bell Tent $625.00CA

This tent has a 6 X 4 meter footprint and can be setup in the following configurations:

  • Three queen beds
  • Two queen beds and two twin beds
  • One queen bed and four twin beds
  • Six twin beds